Saturday, August 23, 2014

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A Day at the Beach

When I was growing up, my family and I would spend two weeks every summer vacationing usually at some kind of beach resort. We camped in tents, rented caravans and stayed at bed and breakfast farm houses over the years. I guess that's where I got my yearning to be near water. Those were peaceful times. I would not trade a walk on the beach in the early morning for anything. In the wee hours alone on the sand, it felt like I owned the place.

Beaches have always been somewhat solitary for me and it's a good place to clear my head or just regenerate. The rhythm of the tide does that. People go for all kinds of reasons; people-watching, swimming, romancing, tanning, horse-riding, name it.

But for me, I may as well be back in my childhood again because I can wipe out all of the distractions around me and just focus on the sound of the ocean and feel the breeze on my skin. Being on the road has afforded me more visits to the sea than would be usual in my "former" life. Below are scenes I observed recently from Ocean Shores and Westport Beach in Washington.

This line of horses reminded me of when I was a kid. I think I was on a horse once in my life but it made an impression.

This couple didn't venture too far from their car. Two beach chairs and a great view of the water and passersby

Loved the line of horses. They went for miles until they disappeared into the horizon

Lovers hand-in-hand and children playing. This shot encapsulates so many things I love about the beach

Even though they are a couple, these people seemed a little lonely, like the landscape

What I have learned so far: Slowing things down has enabled me to experience and appreciate the scenes I am shooting. Often, in my not-so-distant past, the moment was lived only through my viewfinder.