For as long as I can remember, images have been a huge part of my life. I can't help but process everything through an imaginary frame. What matters most to me as a photographer, however, is not only capturing the beauty of a thing or person, but also conveying a particular feeling. A pretty picture by itself is just that but when I can find a way to give it soul, then that is truly a beautiful thing.
I was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved to New York in 1987 with a rock band. Although we gave it a good go, rock stardom was not in my future. Next, I dabbled in oil painting before finding a brief calling in Web and graphic design. Static imagery led to an interest in video and I created Americonic Films with director/composer Glenn Scott Lacey. My interest in moving images eventually steered me to my strongest passion to date, photography.
As far as recognition goes, I've been published in Britain's Black + White Photography magazine on multiple occasions including a two-page spread of my iPhone images. I've had my work featured in Digital Photographer Magazine, Fujifilm X Magazine and Escapees Magazine. I've received awards from Viewbug and been interviewed by 500px. I've self-published two books; Fifty Female Faces - a collection of portraiture and Home on the Road - a compilation of black and white landscape photographs. In 2016, one of my images was chosen by IKEA for their catalog and, in that same year, I was shortlisted for Black + White Photographer of the Year.
Most recently, my wife and I sold our home and nearly all of our worldly possessions and began a life on the road in a motorhome. This has given me unprecedented access to the many wonderful landscapes around the United States. Every day I'm grateful for this amazing opportunity.